A clothing label from Amsterdam.

Our label is an ongoing dialogue between Hussein Yussuf, Daniël Sumarna and close collaborators—continuously inspired by countries, cultures and citizens.

Our name, taken from two cultures, explores the notion of a worldly traveler. Objects, references and insights collected across the globe are the starting points of the design process. During this process form should never overshadow the purpose.

Our brand is a framework to enable ourselves and others to learn, develop and produce—by doing so we constantly explore what it means to be a clothing label in current culture.

Find our codes of practice below.


For the core label, OLAF HUSSEIN, we have the desire to design contemporary pieces that fit today’s needs. ØLÅF, the brand’s moniker inspired by our visits to Scandinavia, offer our most known and accessible products. Since 2017, ØLÅF has officially evolved into a sub-label.


Object to be worn or carried. These objects have their own life but can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive. Materials from Italy. Assembled in Portugal.


Sometimes made by us, sometimes curated by us. These objects are collected or inspired during travels and function as a reminder of a place or event.


Built on strong relationships with our manufacturers in Europe, we breathe new life into in-stock fabrics. Repurposed by us, these garment are created outside of industry timelines and traditions, allowing us to offer these for a more honest price.


While originated as menswear, today we hope everyone feels comfortable wearing our label no matter what age, size or gender. For specific garments we design and produce from XS to XL, nonverbally indicating it’s made for everyone.


Instead of storing products from the past in the dark, we publicly archive a selection of them in our online store and retail location at the Prinsengracht 491 in Amsterdam for reduced prices.